"Overclocking is the process of making a computer or component operate faster than the clock frequency specified by the manufacturer by modifying system parameters. Operating voltages may also be changed (increased), which can increase the speed at which operation remains stable. Most overclocking techniques increase power consumption, generating more heat, which must be dispersed if the chip is to remain operational"

There are many tools to speedup CPU like ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, EEEctl, Setfsb,  SetPLL, ClockGen ect.
But the only programs that i find working with Intel Atom Z5xx series are:
  • ASUS SHE (see post) 
  • SetFSB (Shareware or Freeware)
  • Probably RwEverything future versions will support WRITE function for my clockgen
SetFsb SHAREWARE (the price is  800 JPY = 8€ = 10$);

  1. Insert your Clock Generator name (only first time, depends from mainboard if you don't know you can find this information reading from this list or looking at your pc datasheet from HERE.For Example ASUS 1101HA clockgen is  (as you can see from the picture)
     2. Click on Get FSB and Move Slide to a new value (right side increase frequency)

Test Device:
1GB Ram 800Mhz
Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit
Original GMA 500 Driver

After some tests i found the right setting for Asus 1101HA reaching  about 1.81Ghz (stable frequency)
ITA.Dopo qualche test ho raggiungo facilmente la frequenza massima di funzionamento della mia CPU impostando:
SetFsb: 180.4
Max Freq: 1.808

Good result with +475MHz  because it doesn't improve only CPU but also GPU and RAM!
N.B. Remember that max overclock changes for each pc so you will find your stable frequency:
-for example in my case
1.82GHz instable
1.811GHz instable after fullstress 30min (rare situation in normal use)

ITA. Sicuramente un buon risultato ma non eccezionale perchè speravo di raggiungere 1,86GHz come lo Z540 :)

Temperature by SpeedFAN (fullstress 30 min) GOOD!
HD 40°
Temp1° 70

Conclusion: SetFSB Shareware is really simple to use (you don't need to know how works pll). I don't suggest at ASUS users to buy Setfsb because 8€ for about + 60-80Hz (Z520 with SHE 30%=1.74MHz) it's a waste of money. Maximum frequency reacheable depends by all system hardware and O.S. so don't cry if your computer can't go over a goal.

Instructions for clockgenerator ICS9LPR427CGLF (ASUS Eee PC T91MT/T91/T91SA/1101HA/1201HA/1201PN) [without build a PLL file]
  1. Close Asus SHE (if you have it)
  2. Download SetFsb FREE from here
  3. Run Setfsb freeware
  4. Go to Diagnosis Section
  5. Click on Get FSB
  6. Move to one of these offset 0B or 0C (edit hex value,click on update and after Apply!)
Note.How to apply this solution on other PLL? Just test! change one offset for each time modifing second value with a next to value for ex E1 test E0 or E2

My Experiment:
After Click Get FSB on setFsb i've got these two values:
For Asus 1101HA (z520) starter values for 1331.4MHz are OB=FC and OC=4F
  • Editing ONLY 0C : TEST 1 with 1GB ram 800Mhz on Windows 7
Edit 4F value; Range= from 31 to 66
Some example
value 0C=31 CPU clock is 831.3 MHz
value 0C=60 CPU clock is 1614.7MHz
value 0C=66 CPU clock is 1714.7MHz
TEST 2  DONE WITH ATOM Z520 1.33GHz with 2GB RAM 533MHz on WINDOWS 8.1 PRO

0B Offset accept only Fx-Bx-7x-3x values (x= a letter or a number 0;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9; A;B;C;D;E;F )
[Approx Frequency Comparison Editing only 0B; 0C=4F]
F0=1659 B0=Fail   70=Fail   30=Fail
F1=1621 B1=Fail   71=Fail   31=Fail
F2=1597 B2=1592 72=1586 32=1582
F3=1564 B3=1561 73=1556 33=1551
F4=1536 B4=1529 74=1526 34=1521
F5=1507 B5=1502 75=1497 35=1493
F6=1479 B6=1474 76=1470 36=1465
F7=1452 B7=1447 77=1443 37=1438
F8=1426 B8=1421 78=1417 38=1413
F9=1401 B9=1397 79=1392 39=1388
  FA=1377 BA=1373 7A=1368 3A=1364
 FB=1353 BB=1349 7B=1345 3B=1341
  FC=1331 BC=1327 7C=1323 3C=1318
FD=1309 BD=Fail  7D=Fail 3D=Fail
FE=Fail BE=Fail   7E=Fail  3E=Fail
FF=Fail BF=Fail 7F=Fail 3F=Fail

Seems that frequency decrease with Horizontal Offsets so if change value for ex FA->BA->7A->3A = - 5MHz
Linear improve frequency=  +23MHz
Fail may depends by:
-HW limit (probably RAM limit because it's operate at 533MHz; with 2gb Ram 800Mhz can improve OC limit)
-Intel Speedtech  (voltage control)
-Operative System read above "Downclock"

0C offset accept only numeric values 
[Approx Frequency Comparison Editing only 0C]
On my netbook standard 0C=4F but for 4x values accepeted only 4F=1331 and 4E=1314

Seems that frequency increase linearly = +/- 17MHz

NOTE. THE MAX FREQ WITH MY LAST RAM 2GB Corsair 800MHz with the free method is 1.7481GHz Using 0B= FC + 0C=68
[DOWNCLOCKING: PowerSaving] From ATOM Z5xx series datasheet min freq is 800MHz:
On Win8.1 isn't possible to downclock device, probably because MS win 8 adjust CPU multiplier automatically from x10 to 6x (depends on CPU load)
If I set 8OFSBx10Multipler=800Mhz when MS adjust multiplier 80x6=480Mhz system fail!
the minimum stable freq that i reach is with 0B=7C that with multiplier x6=794MHz (better leave directly standard freq 133.1x6=798MHz)

Summary with different RAMs
Atom Z520 with RAM 533MHz (HYS64T256020EDL-35-C PC2-5300S) under Win8.1 PREVIEW
MinFreq STABLE=1329MHz (with x6 Multipler 793.8MHz) ->0B=7C
MaxFreq STABLE=1583MHz (1598MHz fails after a deep test;probably there are other values in this range) ->0B=F5 + 0C=53

Atom Z520 with 1GB RAM 800MHz (Asint SSY2128M-JGEEF) under Win8.1 PREVIEW
MaxFreq STABLE= Tested  0B=FD + value 0C=69 CPU clock is 1734MHz  (for 0C=67 1731.1MHz)
Not other max frequencies tested because is a 1GB RAM (too slow on win8.1)

Atom z520 with 2GB RAM 800MHz (Corsair Value VS2GSDS800D2)under Win8.1 PREVIEW
MaxFreq STABLE=NOT Tested
Atom z520 with 2GB RAM 800MHz under Win7 SP1 Updated 12 April 2014
MAx Freq STABLE 1748.1GHz 0B=FC OC=68

Note: Windows 8 TaskManager Performance's Tab doesn't show CPU Overclocked Frequency! Use CPUz

Advanced (don't play with it): MAY RETURNS HW FAILURE! DON'T USE IT!
Values Offset 03=F3:   (FSB-DDR-AGP-PCI)
C3-C5-41                   (66.8-200.4-66.8-33.4) *
01-03                         (66.8-205-68.3-34.2) *
81                              (68.3-205-68.3-34.2) *
C4-40                         (70-210-70-35)
00-02-80                     (83.3-166.6-55.5-27.7)
D1-D3-D5                  (100-200-66.8-33.4) *
11-91                         (107-214-71.3-35.7)
D2-D4-D5-50             (112-224-74.7-37.3)
10-90                         (124-248-82.7-41.3)
F1-F3-F5-F7-51-71     (133.6-200-66.8-33.4) *
EF-E3-61                    (133.6-267.2-89-44.5)
B3-B5-31                    (137.3-206-68-34.3) *
A3-21                         (138-276-92-46)
F0-F2-F4-F6-F8-70     (140-210-70-35)
B4-30                         (144-216-72-36)
60                              (150-300-100-50)
A4-20                         (155-310-103-51)

Good Overclock!
NB. THIS METHOD WORKS only with Intel SpeedStep ENABLED (CHECK YOUR BIOS: By default is enabled).
What does it do? Downclock your CPU freq by reducing CPU Multipler or you can disable auto downclocking (set CPU at only a frequency)
1)Open a dos prompt
2)By default in MS there are High Performance, Balance Performance, Low Performance profiles
->Default MS is Balanced
->You can also create it by dos or by windows (check Battery Saving Settings)
In dos these standard schemes are called SCHEME_MAX ; SCHEME_MIN ; SCHEME_BALANCED
3) Reduce CPU Multipler for the MAX frequency
Code example: powercfg -setacvalueindex SCHEME_BALANCED SUB_PROCESSOR PROCTHROTTLEMAX (0-100)
-setACvalueindex means set this value for AC= with wallcharger
-setDCvalueindex means set this value for DC=with battery
PROCTHROTTLEMAX= Processor throttle max (you can also edit the min with value PROCTHROTTLEMIN)
(0-100)= just insert a value from 0 to 100. For example 5

Example: Set in Balance Profile,when the wall-charger is plugged in, the max multipler to value 5%

Let's say that my Atom Z520 1.33GHz supports these Multipler x6 - x8 -x10:
Formula: Bus Speed 133Mhz x Multipler
1.33GHz  for value 100 (MULTIPLER x10) ->with ASUS SHE in Power Saving: 1GHz
1GHz for values from 80 to 99 (MULTIPLER x8) -> with ASUS SHE  Power Saving: 600/800 MHz
800MHz for values from 0 to 79 (MULTIPLER x6) -> with ASUS SHE in Power Saving: 600MHz
3)After lunch the code let's apply the profile
powercfg -setactive SCHEME_BALANCED

Why downclocking? Reduce Hardware Temperature,increase battery life, reduce fan noise anyway reduces also cpu speed :)
BAT EXAMPLE With Max Multipler for Balance Profile with DC and AC: DOWNLOAD

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  1. Ciao,
    ho letto il tuo articolo e siccome è da un pò che cerco di venire a capo dell'overclock per il mio packard-bel dot-m it05, vorrei farti alcune domande se non abuso della tua pazienza.
    La mia configurazione hardware è cpu z520, gpu gma500, ram 2gb, win7 home premium.
    Vorrei chiederti:
    - hai qualche consiglio su come fare per trovare il clockgenerator per il mio netbook?non riesco a venirne a capo..
    - cosa intendi per driver in fase di studio relativamente alla gpu?
    Grazie anticipatamente per le risposte.

  2. Ciao, prova sul sito ufficiale di setfsb e controlla nella lista se comprare il tuo device. Altrimenti contatta il produttore di setfsb o cerca nel sito
    Per driver in fase di studio intendevo lo studio della gestione della ram condivisa..ormai non seguo più i driver ufficiali ma solo iemgd (che poi son sempre di intel)

  3. It's very cool coz my Z530 deadly freeze at 1.8 GHz, also as at 1.79, 1.78 and 1.77. Stable overcklock only at 1.76 and this is from 1.6 GHz? Isn't cool at all.

    1. You should try changing ram with ddr2 800mhz cause with setfsb you have improved fsb from 533mhz

    2. Oh I can't e-mail about answers so a lil bit later. On Npkia Booklet RAM is soldered into MB so there is no any way to replace or upgrade it.

      BTW I try to upgrade firmware on WWAN module and discovered really fuckup. Nokia add WWAN module (Option GlobeTrotter GTM382) into whitelist not only by PID but by FW version too. I'm surprised sooo when updated FW module works well until I reboot netbook. After reboot I got unworking 3G. It's okay that I wound original older FW and notebook with mPCI slot to downgrade FW. Also thanx to Option for not lockining FW downgrade. After all I got my WWAN works well as usual. So... there isn't add brain to me at all =D

    3. Also I have remove SetFSB at all coz netbook freeze in anyway. So stock FSB is pretty well.

    4. Unlucky guy.. you can't anything! I'm sorry

  4. i have nokia booklet 3g. processor 1.6 mhz
    after overclock my procesor to 1.8mhz work excellent. But after restart FSB back to original number and i have 1.6mhz im usin setfsb free version.
    Wat i am doing wrong?

    1. Hi! I'm sorry but i didn't understand you. You test setfsb freeware mod and as you wrote your cpu works at 1.8ghz(so i belive you found the correct offset for your clockgen). Setfsb report the correct new frequency in MHz? What do you mean after restar fsb? After restart the pc is normal that frequency returns to default (you have to mod the bios for a permanent setting)

  5. yes after reset pc the frequency back to 1,6mhz. Yes offset for my clockgen is correct.

    Im overclocking my notebook first time. I must write some mod for bios ?
    in bios i dont can change frequency ( i dont change almost nothing)

    What must doing to change frequency permamently?

    thanks for you help

    1. Ok, as i wrote you have to edit bios in the dsdt (acpi part) isn't simple at all! Actually you can read something in the bios mod section (look also at the link to I should update that section with reverse procedure but i have really time :/ anyway this solution was never tested on z5xx mainboards

    2. *but i haven't time!.
      P.s. check if rweverything recognizes your clockgen. if yes it will be easy make a batch file to set the cpu frequency at windows startup

  6. Hi there i just bought Asus eee pc 1101ha im using RAM 2GB Corsair 800MHz so my question is my internal bios i cant overclock my processor so i just buy the software SetFsb it can be overclock my processor?? please advise thanks

    1. Hi, please read ram overclock section and apply only the fix to rename your ram name. This solution will renable asus she overclock utility..without spend money

  7. ciao, io ho un asus 1201 ha, molto simile al tuo 1101 ma con display da 12 pollici e 2 gb di ram. Ho eseguito un overclock del 20% da BIOS. Devo prima riportare ai valori di default il BIOS e poi eseguire questa guida?

    1. Quale parte della guida intendi? Se con she al 30% il tuo sistema diventa instabile è inutile tentare con setfsb.